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New year and new twists in the Dull of Down

Hello everyone and hopefully the year has started great! 

Many have asked when new music is coming and why has the Dull of Down band been quiet? Maybe it’s worth opening up a bit of the band’s affiliation. Especially in the rush of musicians, a hobby band members can often resign after a “honeymoon”. This was also the case with D.O.D. band. 

But what exactly happened? Well, rhythm group Marko and Heidi left the D.O.D. band in the late autumn of 2021 due to lack of time and their own projects. There is no greater drama in it, that is what happens sometimes. Timetables and common goals do not coincide. Shit happens, so go forward…

But the question is will D.O.D. continue? Yes, hell! Dull of Down is an important and personal thing to me and continues in one way or another. A lot of new songs are constantly being created and a new rhythm group is under search.

By the way, what do you think my new tattoo?


Rock on!


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