Corona is a good time to make new music

April 18, 2021
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Corona is a good time to make new music!

As everyone knows, corona has punished hard everyone who works with music. The whole music business has suffered badly. The tours and gigs have stopped, and at the same time the livelihood of a large number of performers is frozen. The same situation is with roadies, technicians, event organizers and producers, etc., whose pay is based on the performance of music.

This sucks!

However, in spite of everything, the corona situation also gives many artists and bands an opportunity to focus on making and publishing new music. That’s how it also gives us with Dull of Down. 

The synergy and creativity of the band is at its best when we just go to the rehearsal room and jamming. Thats also fun and surprising.

We have the opportunity to make recordings in our own studio, in complete peace and without hurry. Over time we had piled up the equipment and facilities to enable recordings in our own D.O.D. Studio. This makes it much easier to make D.O.D. music. While our longing for gigs is hard, we try to maintain a positive vibe and focus in this situation on what we can influence, that is, making and releasing new music.

Our latest double single, Praise & Play Rock`n Roll was released April 19, 2021!

As with previous releases, we now relied on the input of the same people in the end result. The mixing was handled by Miitri Aaltonen and mastered by Sage Audio’s Steve Corrao. Published by Pilfink Records’ Jarmo Kähkönen.

We also got our website published, where you can read news and other information in the future.

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We hope you like new stuff and wish everyone greatness for spring and hope to see you at the gigs soon! Find more about new single by clicking the photo below.


D.O.D. / Lasse